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NT and Northern QLD Hotels to reduce Electricity Costs

The Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn Darwin as well as the Hilton and Holiday Inn Cairns hotels have chosen and will soon be installing the Energy Eye Energy management system. Before choosing the Energy Eye system, an extensive trial in all these hotels were undertaken and showed that by having the Energy Eye occupancy based system, this dramatically reduced the Air Conditioning usage of the Room by over 40 %. With Energy Eye, simple Humidity control, humidity levels in rooms can be controlled with minimum wastage and maximizing energy savings. The Energy Eye system can be set to maintain room Temperature set-backs which can be selected by the hotels.

Another important feature on the system is the deep Set back functionality. This is used when Hotels have unoccupied rooms for 24 Hours or more. The Deep set back can either increase the temperature set backs or revert the system to off mode. Even if the system is off, it will still bring on the units to refresh room air for the necessary humidity control.

Did you know an Energy Efficient Guest Room can cut your Total electricity bills by 20 % or more ?

With the increases in electricity prices, it is critical today that hotels need to take control of these costs. In any hotel room there is always a wastage that occurs by guests leaving the HVAC (Heating ventilation and air conditioning devices on.....thankfully there is a solution by creating an Energy Efficient guest room by Energy Eye. Click on this Link below to view what an Energy Efficient guest room should look like.

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We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful festive season and a prosperous and successful 2010!

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