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Energy Eye wireless HVAC savings system launches in Australia with first hotel to be installed in Sydney.
How much is your HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems costing you ?

Energy Eye Launches in Australia with first hotel to be installed in Sydney

Since Smart Hotel Solutions launched the Energy Eye wireless HVAC savings Product into the Australian Hospitality Market in Jan 2008; the system has been trialed in about eight different Hotels and has shown reduced in-room HVAC usage savings of between 30-50%. The First Energy Eye installation will be undertaken in a prominent Sydney Hotel at Sydney's Olympic Park. This hotel is operated by one of Australia's largest hotel groups. The reason Energy Eye was selected was due to its simplicity and wireless capability making it ideal for retrofit installations. Typical installation time is about 30 minutes per room. Based on the trial that was conducted earlier in the year the savings that can be achieved will offer a return of investment of about 2 years. We hope to have more exciting news about further Energy Eye installations in the future.

How much is your HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems costing you ?

Do you really know how much your in room HVAC system is costing you ? Recent studies have shown that the HVAC units in a hotel can account for more than 60 percent of the entire electricity usage of a property. HVAC systems come in different forms such as Central Chiller pipe type systems, PTAC, Mini Splits, residential splits etc.... However they all have one thing in common..........Power Hungry devices. It has been shown that these devices are one of the most abused devices utilized at hotels, as hotel guests are not too concerned with switching these devices off when they are out their rooms. With an energy Eye wireless occupancy based sensor at work, neither guests nor hotel staff have to be concerned about turning devices off as this will be done automatically. In extreme climate conditions, Energy Eye can also be set to maintain room temperatures, thus by not letting rooms reach excessive heat ranges etc.... By simply installing a quality Energy management System (EMS), you can drastically reduce and take control of your in Room HVAC costs.

About Smart Hotel Solutions Pty Ltd | SHS is a leading provider of energy management solutions to the hotel industry in Australia and includes management with decades of combined experience in guestroom technology integration and HVAC mechanical service. The company can be contacted by visiting their website www.smartsol.com.au or by calling 1300 796 471 within Australia.

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