Melbourne Australia 31st January 2008
Energy Eye Launches in Australia

Smart Hotel Solutions (SHS) a leading provider of Hotel in room management systems announced today that it is distributing and launching the Energy Eye product for the Australian market.

According to Doron Danon Managing Director of SHS "The reason why we chose to go with Energy eye is that it is a superb and very simple product which effectively and without any human intervention, manages the occupancy state of hotel rooms and takes control of the Heating and ventilation systems thus allowing the hotel to save anywhere from 25-40 % in Energy Costs. The Energy Eye system uses wireless motion and door Sensors to detect guest movements and because of the wireless technology, makes it very easy to Install in Hotels"

The Energy eye system is already being trialled in one of Australia ’s biggest Hotel chains.

In Today’s world, there is enhanced pressure on reducing carbon emissions and reducing energy costs and the Energy Eye product meets this ever increasing demand.

According To Philip Kopp CEO of Energy Eye “we have chosen SHS to be our partners in the Australian region due to their vast experience and technical expertise in the In Room Management system.

About Energy Eye:- Energy Eye is a leading worldwide provider of Energy management systems. for more information please visit

About Smart Hotel Solutions Pty Ltd | SHS is a leading provider of energy management solutions to the hotel industry in Australia and includes management with decades of combined experience in guestroom technology integration and HVAC mechanical service. The company can be contacted by visiting their website or by calling 1300 796 471 within Australia.

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